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A town where people gather.NEWTOWN AKIHABARA

Akihabara is always a wonderland, your thoughts are hot

This is Watanabe, the president.I want to give back to my beloved Akihabara.With that in mind, I opened a "small" hotel in this area.When I was a kid, I went to a lot of parts stores, case stores, cable stores, and junk stores selling mountains of things that I didn't know what they would be used for.Every time I come, I am excited to go around the store, learn various things from the store staff, and when I do well, I go to the store and get praised by the store clerk, and when I fail, I go to the store to consult on how to improve. I was.A town with lots of fun memories, a town that is still energetic and where new and fun things are being created every day.The staff also love Akihabara.That's why I recommend people who work there, live there, and come for fun.That is the concept of our HOTEL NEWTOWN.Would you like to work in such a hotel? Read on to find out.
  • Is the current part-time job suitable for you?

    □i hate to sell
    □I'm sick of hearing Norma
    □Shifts are not stable and income is not expected
    □I feel fine when the sun goes down
    □Tired of doing the same job every day
    □I like to push hard working people
    □I want to sweat happily
    □i want to finish my work

    If three or more apply to you, you might enjoy working in NEWTOWN AKIHABARA(*'▽')

    I want to apply for both cleaning and front desk.

    In NEWTOWN AKIHABARA, it is easier to secure a shift slot according to each person's wishes by eliminating work restrictions rather than full-time work.Furthermore, by understanding each other's work, I have experienced the difficulty of each procedure and each work, so it is possible for members to understand each other. efficiency.Some professionals do their jobs like hermits.
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  • What kind of hotel is NEWTOWN AKIHABARA?

    This is Wonderland Akihabara, so the management is slightly different from a normal hotel.
    First of all, the check-in time for the standard plan is from 10:00 pm.There are customers who are tired and want to rest early, so they come from 8 o'clock.
    At ordinary hotels, guests check in at 3:00 or 4:00 pm, but the guests who recommend us can go to Akihabara after they arrive and leave their luggage.Some people go to live performances, concerts, or visit their favorite shops, and then come back to leave their shopping on the way.Enjoy yourself until dawn and return to your hotel in a convenient location.It is attractive that you can walk from Dome or Kanda to Ueno without getting a taxi.

    peace of mind sells

    Hotel rates go up when there are many people wanting to stay, and they go down when there are few people staying.
    This is the norm these days, but NEWTOWN AKIHABARA dares to operate with a fixed price throughout the year.Crooked presidents hate variable rates.
    Customers who choose NEWTOWN AKIHABARA as their first choice can make a reservation first when their schedule is decided.Even if the surrounding hotels charge twice as much, as long as there is a room, the charge is the same.
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  • Akihabara of the navel curve president

    You only live once.Work hard and have fun.
    NEWTOWN AKIHABARA is not for those who are “health geeks” or “long life advocates”.
    For those who can't "live with all their might" in the present and "play with all their might" on their days off
    Please do not apply.


    Mental and physical health are two sides of the same coin.People who can't enjoy themselves to the fullest can't work to the fullest.
    It is a one-person job.You can approach your work with "aesthetics".
    There are no "non-smoking" rooms."All rooms are non-smoking".

    If you want to enjoy the present with all your might, please join us.

    aesthetics of work

    The work at NEWTOWN AKIHABARA is self-contained.Each task has a basic completion form.You can choose your own path to get there.No one in the company evaluates your work during working hours.But who completed the work? is becoming clear.
    Your evaluation is directly linked to your evaluation.The aesthetics of your work determine whether your work is good or bad.
    If you want to work hard
  • What kind of people are using it?

    The accommodation is mainly for businessmen who have been pushed out by inbound, and customers who have come to Tokyo for concerts, exams, seminars, etc.Staff who worked until midnight at live performances and events held in Akihabara and nearby areas.Businessmen who drank too much the day before and can't get rid of the aftertaste during the day, event performers, and people who go out in the evening to get fired up.Many of our regulars use our store as a base to spend time in Akihabara, and we often exchange souvenirs while working at the front desk.A place where you can feel the connection between people, which has been forgotten recently.

    push people

    Akihabara is a world-famous tourist destination, and not only Japanese but also many people of all races and nationalities come and go.However, there are some places that are different from other tourist spots.People don't come to this town just because it's famous.People who come to Akihabara have their own "push" and come to this town to achieve their own goals.Your hospitality also creates Akihabara for visitors, and the room you clean creates memories in Akihabara.
    While imagining such fun things, we sweat for our customers.
    Because I want to push people
  • That's why I work in Akihabara

    If you've read this far, you may have a little interest in NEWTOWN AKIHABARA.

    If you also want to work in Akihabara as an “Oshijin”

    At HOTEL NEWTOWN, you can spend your precious time closely with your career.

    Apply from the bottom "That's why I work in Akihabara"

    First, go to the application page

    On the application page, there is a detailed explanation of the job type, working hours, hourly wage, training conditions, etc.
    Please check before sending.We will get back to you as soon as possible.
    That's why I work in Akihabara