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night stay

Check-in at 22:00 for 6,800 yen per room per night.

  • One person or two people can stay at a flat rate.
Standard PlanFrom 22:00 PM to 10:00 AM/¥ 6,800(Tax included)
Early sleep planFrom PM20:00 to AM10: 00/¥ 7,800(Tax included)
Wake-up Late PlanFrom PM22: 00 to AM12: 00/¥ 7,800(Tax included)
Accommodation extension60 minutes/¥ 1,000(Tax included)


Q. When can I check in?

  • A. Our hotel has a principle of "check-in at 22:00", and it is the best plan to return to this time after enjoying dinner outside.
    Of course, if you want to relax in your room, you can check in at your favorite time after 20:00.
    However, please note that the room rate will change as described above.

Q. Is it okay to stay with two people?

  • A. One person or two people can stay at a flat rate.
    However, since the beds are single size, the number is limited, but if you wish, we will lend you a simple futon set for 1,500 yen per night.

Q. Is it possible to leave my luggage in advance?

  • A. Of course it is possible.If you arrive early, we will keep your luggage at the front desk until check-in time.
    In case of delivery to home, please specify "Accommodation on XX days" in the sender column and send it to the following address "By arrival on the day of accommodation".

    2-12-8 2-12-8 Kandasakuma Town, Chiyoda City, Tokyo Metropolis, 2-12-8 Kandasakuma Town, Chiyoda City, Tokyo Metropolis 101-0025

Q. Is there a convenience store or coin laundry nearby?

  • There is "7-Eleven" in less than 30 seconds on foot.In addition, there is a coin laundry about 5 minutes on foot.
    For more information, please ask the front desk at check-in.We have prepared a simple map.

Cancellation policy

  • Please cancel your accommodation reservation by 24:00 the day before.
    Cancellation on the day or without permission will be charged the full room charge (100%).