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  • Q:It says 2 minutes to the hotel ...

    A:If you exit the Akihabara Station Showa-dori Exit, cross Showa-dori in front of you and enter the street between the Chinese soba restauraContinue reading
  • Q:Do you have a bath?

    A:There ^^
    All guest rooms are equipped with bathtubs.
    It has been well received by customers who are not good at public baths.Please use itContinue reading
  • Q:Is it possible for two people to stay in one room?

    A:,Yes.Yes, available.Up to 2 people can use the room at the same rate.
    There is no extra bed.You can use a single bed for two people, or yoContinue reading
  • Q:What are the amenities?

    A:Our amenities are"Toothbrush set""Rinse in shampoo""Body Soap""hand soap"
    Guests will be given a "brush," "cotton and cotton swab," "hair Continue reading
  • Q:What kind of equipment do you have for rental?

    A:Items rented to customers are "blankets" and "chargers".Please contact the front desk as none of them are limited in quantity.If you have Continue reading
  • Q:Is there an extension or telephone in the room?

    A, The telephone is for extension only.Calls between rooms are possible.In addition, external lines can only be received, and are transferreContinue reading
  • Q:Is there a final check-in time?

    A:Accommodation check-in is possible from 22:00 to before check-out time, plan on the plan.If you are late for the time you contacted when mContinue reading
  • Q:I arrived after 24:00 ...

    A:If the scheduled time entered at the time of booking has passed, please contact us once.If the scheduled check-in time is more than 2 hourContinue reading
  • Q:I would like to stay overnight for a long time ...?

    A:Akiba a private room in Akiba, we have realized a reasonable price by not occupying the room in the daytime so that many people can use itContinue reading
  • Q:Why is the amount always the same?

    A:NEWTOWN AKIHABARA always uses the same amount of money so that you can use it as your private room with peace of mind.There is no change iContinue reading

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