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Akiba's private room for you

  • Time stay is available from 2 hours from 11:00 AM to 20:00 PM
From AM 11:00 to PM 22:00120 minutes/¥ 3,300(Tax included)
From AM 11:00 to PM 22:00180 minutes/¥ 4,800(Tax included)
ExtensionHalf an hour/¥ 1,000(Tax included)

Various ways to use time stay

  • Take a refreshing shower

    Sweat cleanly in the shower after jogging or cycling.
    Sweat and stress can be washed away cleanly in the clearance time.
  • Petit break during a date

    If you get tired of walking in Akihabara, please spend a relaxing time in a room for just two people.
    A clean and compact space promises a comfortable time.
  • Makeup and change of clothes before the joint party

    Sweat your work, change your hair and make-up, and go to the party.
    Luggage such as changing clothes will be stored at the front desk if you drop in before going to work.
  • Take a nap

    Every busy day, just an hour's nap will rejuvenate you like a lie.
    Akihabara Station advantage of the convenience of 2 minutes from Akihabara Station and make the most of your 24 hours.
  • Enjoy a rich meal alone

    There aren't many quiet places in Tokyo where you can devote yourself to what you like without being disturbed by anyone.
    For 3,000 yen for 2 hours, you will have valuable time in your daily life.
  • Office functions during business trips

    desk,Chair,Equipped with wired and wireless LAN.Please use it as an office when you are on a business trip.
    It is also convenient to use a multi-copy machine at 7-Eleven, which is a 30-second walk.


Q. Is it possible to stay at night?

  • A. We are very sorry, but check-in for the time stay plan is "until 20:00" except during the campaign period.

Q. Can I make a reservation for a time stay?

  • A. We are very sorry but we do not accept time stay reservations.
    We will guide you in the order of arrival.You can check the availability by phone, so please check the situation by phone first.

Q. Is it possible to have an early morning time stay?

  • A. We cannot accept reservations for time stays, but we will be able to use them as soon as the room is ready, so please check by phone on the day.